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What do I do if I'm not really sure what the problem is?

That's why we're here! Some customers prefer to book a Allied Tech Pros Online service. A tech will assess your computer remotely to either resolve the issue or to diagnose the problem. If your issue requires an in-home visit, we can schedule a follow-up service. Allied Tech Proa Online is a great value, immediate and available 24x7.

Can Allied Tech Pros replace my hard drive?

No, Allied Tech Pros cannot replace your hard drive because we do not repair hardware. If your problem requires hard drive replacement, we can only diagnose the issue, not repair it.

My computer is very old. Can Allied Tech Pros help?

Allied Tech Pros can try to help, but sometimes repairing older computers is more costly than replacing the computer altogether. If your computer is more than 4-5 years old, consider your options. And if you need help setting up your new computer, ATP is here to assist.

Can AlliedTech help to add memory to my computer?

Yes, ATP can add memory to your computer. However, this service can not be done remotely, and requires the technician to schedule an appointment to add the memory physically to the computer. 

What is included in the Computer Repair & Help service from Allied Tech Pros

Allied Tech Pros offers a comprehensive Computer Repair & Help service for our customers, and it includes the following:

• Diagnosis and troubleshooting of a single issue

• Instant support through Allied Tech Pros Online! depending on the nature of your request

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