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How do I know if my smart thermostat is compatible with my heating/cooling system?
The manufacturer of your smart thermostat should provide detailed information on this. You'll need to power off your system and remove the cover from your current thermostat and inspect the wiring to determine compatibility.
What is a C wire?
A C wire is a wire that's dedicated to delivering constant power to your thermostat. Most smart thermostats can charge their built-in battery using your system’s heating and cooling wires, but in a small number of situations you may need a C wire for consistent power to your thermostat. HelloTech does not provide HVAC services, so you'll need to consult with an HVAC specialist.
What else should I be aware of?
The most important thing to know is that most smart thermostats are not compatible with high voltage systems. Common indications of high voltage systems include terminals listed as L1 or L2, a warning label or a label reading 110V/120V/240V on the back plate of your existing thermostat. Smart thermostat installation is only possible where there is an existing thermostat and adequate WiFi is necessary at the install location.
What if I have multiple thermostats in my home?
If you have multiple thermostats in your home, a smart thermostat can replace any or all of them. You don't need to replace all of your current thermostats. Existing thermostats will continue controlling your system just like they always have. We recommend installing the smart thermostat in your primary living area.

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